Paper Straws: Now what?

As I was haphazardly organizing my baking drawer I noticed I had tons of left over paper straws from Valentine’s day, Halloween, birthday parties and the list goes on… Obviously I don’t have the heart to toss these perfectly good straws because they don’t match or look nice clustered with the other “liked” straws. But […]

Swooning Over Birch

I posted a couple days ago on Facebook that I was in search of some birch logs. I found a great site that sells them but I was determined not to spend an arm and a leg on some wood. So the search began and I went digging around on Craigs List. I tend to […]

Rethinking Party Gift Bags

I can not believe that my tiny little baby of a boy is turning 6 this week. As most parents say…where did the time go? In the past I have gone a little over board with his birthday party. However, this year with moving into a new home and all the financial implications that go […]

The Pallet Movement

I think we can all say the “Pallet Movement” (Like the pun?) has gotten a little out of hand. Yet we all still love a good makeover and who’s to blame you when you are up-cycling an ugly wood pallet into something pretty and hopefully functional. Well I can now say that I am a […]

Give Me Candy

I have always wanted an epic chalkboard that I could change with the seasons. I found this large mirror for sale on a Facebook group page and knew this was my chance to finally make my “EPIC” chalkboard sign. I hate to admit it, but I was rather sloppy when painting the glass. I did […]

Adorn the Mantel with a little “BOO”

I have to confess, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. With that comes an ornate love for fall. I make sure to start decorating before September has even finished. One would think living in Chicago I would do anything to cling to the warm Summer days knowing Winter is not far off once October […]

Exploring Ireland and Holland

Sorry for the gap in my posting. The last couple of month have been a whirl wind of wonderful adventures and exhausting chaos. However, before I dive into more projects and redo’s I had to share my amazing trip I took this May to Ireland and Holland. This trip was quite literally 15 year in […]

A New Leaf: Mason Jars

The Monday after Easter and I was already taking the decorations down. Looking for a fun quick project to fill the void, I decided to pull some old Mason Jars out of the closet and see how I could jazz them up. To make these vintage gold “mercury glass” inspired mason jars you will need […]

Wholly Pants!

Ah, Spring is in the air. The weather is warming up and in Chicago, the parking lot glaciers are but a thing of the past. As the great outdoors gets is annual facelift. I am busy cleaning, donating and organizing the indoors. Now, I don’t know about you but I have a 5 year old […]

The Hutch Unveiling

I found this beautiful hutch and knew instantly it had to be mine. It was apparent it needed some love but I didn’t realize exactly how much love until I got it home and started to pull it apart. The back leg was damaged at one point and someone decided to repair it by drilling […]

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